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Guests in Berlin experience the most rapidly changing capitals of Europe. The historical center and his new achievements, the tracks of the world war, the legacies of the cold war, the Berlin republic, are subject fields in Berlin high condenses are experienceable. Beside those central subjects I devote myself above all with pleasure so-called to "district walks". By, in the meantime, as a legendary entitled part of town „ Prenzlauer Berg “ and him not only as a youth culture-Hotspot hip become part of town "Friedrichshain". But also for bosses, walking disabled person and roll neck driver a wide program is feasible. In collaboration with the tour agency can be organized arrangements free of barrier. This cooperation has itself about the last years developed to an "authoritative product" in this segment.
Furthermore I work for the „Prussian Castles & Gardens Assoc.“, department "Infotainment".
As a historical figure of "chamber Turk Aly" in the baroque rooms of castle Charlottenburg you experience the life of the famous muse's court of queen Sophie Charlotte very closely. And as the legendary become „ green earl “ Hermann Pückler Muskau, I receive guests of the park of castle Babelsberg and also to a walk by the Pleasureground of castle Glienicke. (N.: In the visitor's center of the Prussian Castles & Gardens Assoc., Tel:0331-96 94 198 see a. ).
And also as „ J. G. Pfund, body coachman of King Frederic II “, along Potsdam cities inner area. (n.: In the house of the Brandenburg-Prussian history in Potsdam, Tel.: 0331-620 85 50 see also

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